My 3D rhinoplasty simulation

One of the factors that is most helpful when someone is deciding whether to go ahead with a rhinoplasty procedure is a 3D simulation of the result

The 3D simulation of my rhinoplasty

Stella and Katerina were very keen to have rhinoplasty.

One of the factors that helped them make the decision to go ahead with the procedure was the 3D simulation of the result using the Vectra M3 3D Imaging System.  

They agreed to document the experience in their own words and to help us explain how simple the process is with photographs and videos.

rinoplastiki fotografia prin tin epemvasi me gampsi myti dr mireas rhinoplasty


"I wanted a nose job more than anything. A beautiful-looking nose to improve my breathing and my confidence.

My nose had a bump and I couldn't breathe properly because of a deviated septum.

When I saw the result of a friend’s nose job I was thrilled at how natural and attractive the result looked and I asked her to tell me more about Dr. Mireas. 

I looked into his qualifications and experience, read testimonials from his patients, and saw lots of before and after photos from nose jobs he’d performed.

I was impressed by the photos, and by the modern methods he uses, such as the 3D simulation system and advanced ultrasonic rhinoplasty.

I found out that he is the only rhinoplasty surgeon in Greece with the Vectra 3D rhinoplasty simulation system at his private practice.

I really wanted to see how I’d look after a nose job and decided to book an appointment to get his opinion about my case."

photo before the operation


"The first time I visited Dr. Mireas’s surgery I was really impressed by the amount of time he spent with me. He explained that it’s impossible to cover such an important operation properly in a quick visit of just ten or fifteen minutes.

I told the doctor that I was bothered by the thick tip of my nose and the fact that my nose didn’t match my mouth, especially when I was talking or making facial expressions.

After writing down my medical history, the doctor listened carefully to my problems and what I wanted, and examined the inside of my nose with a tiny camera.

He then explained the rhinoplasty procedure in detail and told me what he would recommend in my case. My discussion with him lasted a whole hour.

During my visit, all my queries were answered and I left with all the information I needed about the operation.

I was 100% ready to think through everything and finally take the decision to go ahead with the rhinoplasty procedure that I’d always dreamed of."

Rhinoplasty simulation: I saw my before and after face in three dimensions

The rhinoplasty simulation was very straightforward! I sat in front of a camera, the flash went off, and within a minute I could see my face in three dimensions on the computer screen.

In a matter of seconds, I was able to look at one or more images of myself, to put two images side by side, or one over the other, to compare them, to make my nose smaller, to get rid of the bump…  I was very excited and began to explain to the doctor how I wanted to look…

rinoplastikh prosomoiosi se 3d pws tha eimai meta ti rinoplatstiki dr mireas

We spent a whole hour brainstorming in front of the screen. We moved the arrows up and down, made the nose smaller, removed the little bump and arrived at a point where the result was exactly what I wanted.

So for the first time I could see my before and after nose right before my eyes. The after picture was exactly what I saw a month later after the operation.

What I learned from the simulation was that a patient might have a wish list with lots of things they want done. But only a specialist surgeon can explain which of them are actually possible and what would best suit each individual person in terms of their appearance and their personality.

A video of my rhinoplasty simulation from start to finish

To show you how simple the rhinoplasty simulation process is, I agreed to take part in a short video. I hope it helps you!

Watch a quick video demonstrating a 3D rhinoplasty simulation on our rhinoplasty center. Dr Mireas Rhinoplasty expert

I chose Functional Rhinoplasty

“After my visit to Dr. Mireas I decided to go ahead with a functional rhinoplasty. This was rhinoplasty in combination with correction of a deviated septum and a conchotomy. Now I can breathe better and I have a beautiful nose that is harmonised with my other facial features. I’m thrilled! Thank you doctor!” Stella


“The result of my rhinoplasty is simply wonderful! Watch the video and you'll see what I mean… Thank you for everything!” Katerina

Rhinoplasty: Technology & surgery lead to the perfect result

The  success of a rhinoplasty surgery depends first of all on choosing an experienced ENT/Rhinoplasty Surgeon, who in consultation with the patient will create a nose that blends in seamlessly with the rest of the face. Dr. Mireas explain in detail…

Dr Mireas explains in details the importance of the 3D rhinoplasty simulation on a nosejob surgery

Key factors ensuring successful rhinoplasty surgery and the best possible results 

·       The right choice of an experienced specialist surgeon.

·       Correct and comprehensive preoperative procedures (clinical examination, endoscopy, simulation).

·       Proper communication between patient and surgeon.

·       Perfect conditions during the operation (in terms of the operating room, staff, and special equipment).

The right combination of technology and surgical experience will ensure perfect aesthetic and functional results.

What is unique about the VIP-Rhinoplasty Center

Patients coming to us know exactly what to expect from their rhinoplasty procedure.

Before the rhinoplasty surgery

·      A complete and thorough examination takes place before your nasal plastic surgery.

·      Only at the VIP Rhinoplasty Center can you see what the result of your rhinoplasty will look like in three dimensions with the special Vectra M3 3D plastic surgery imaging system.

·      With our on-line preparation for surgery and our Medical Tourism plan, we serve patients not only from Athens but from the rest of Greece, Cyprus, and other countries.

During surgery

·      Dr. Mireas was the first specialist ENT/rhinoplasty surgeon in Greece to use the new ultrasonic diamond rhinoplasty technique, which allows the surgeon to sculpt the bones without having to break them.

After the surgery

·      There is no pain at all after rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Mireas.

 Read the answers to our patients’ most frequently asked questions and see if they answer your queries:

Pre-surgery FAQs and videos

FAQs and videos about the post-surgery period


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